Wednesday , January 17 2018

Congress Deciding Whether To Double Down On Navy’s Speedy But Troubled Combat Ship

Congress is getting ready to decide the fate of the Littoral Combat Ship program. The speedy, high-tech warship designed to operate near shorelines has been plagued with delays, mechanical problems and cost overruns throughout its life. San Diego will eventually be home port to at least 12 LCSs. The USS Gabrielle Giffords is the newest Littoral Combat Ship in the Navy’s fleet. It came into port in July, after being built in Mobile, Alabama, and commissioned in Texas. The LCS has a number of advantages. It is fast, traveling at more than 40 knots. It uses a propulsion system similar to a jet ski rather than a traditional rudder and propeller, which makes the ship highly maneuverable. It also uses technology in place of a larger crew. RELATED: USS Gabrielle Giffords Arrives In San Diego The Giffords’ bridge was relatively empty as the ship arrived in San Diego. Cmdr. Shawn Cowan, the ship’s executive officer, said normally a ship this size would have a crew of roughly 300. The Giffords

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