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3 Arrested, Charged after Police Discover Underground Caves

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Three men are under arrest after guns and drugs were found hidden in a secret cave at home in southeast Fresno. <br /><br />The three suspects are in the Fresno County Jail. Daniel Marquez and Kue Vang face child endangerment and other charges. Lee Khammany is being held on a probation violation.<br /><br />The home is not far from Leavenworth Elementary School. Police got a 911 call that sent them to the home. During their search, they found the illegal stash of weapons and marijuana inside a cave that had been dug underneath the garage.<br /><br />Police responded to a domestic violence call on Turner Avenue last night, and that’s when they made an unusual discovery, in one of the homes.<br /><br />This block of Turner Avenue in Fresno turned into a crime scene Saturday night as police responded to reports of an escalating verbal fight. Officers found much more. <br /><br />&quot;Kind of stumbled across something that didn’t look quite right…,&quot; S<span style="font-size: 13.3333330154419px;">gt. Eddie Barrios, with the Fresno Police Department said.<br /><br /></span>After searching the house and detached garage, police discovered an underground cave dug by hand. <br /><br />&quot;Apparently we’re getting information they started in December, up to now, but I suspect it’s been longer than that because it’s a lot of, a lot of digging,&quot; Sgt. Barrios said. <br /><br />Starting under the detached garage, police say the caves stretch out into the yard at least six feet. <br /><br />&quot;At first we suspected it might be a drug lab based on some of the material we found around,&quot; Sgt. Barrios said. <br /><br />No lab, but hiding inside the hole police found 39-year-old Daniel Marquez and 33-year-old Kue Vang, along with two rifles, illegal gambling machines and ten to fifteen pounds of marijuana inside the home. Police are told all three men lived at the residence on Turner, but say the huge caves are dangerous, especially with three children in the house. <br /><br />&quot;Within six feet of children’s bicycles and the area where they, they commonly play,&quot; Sgt. Barrios said. &quot;The most important thing was the structure. It’s not safe, it’s not a basement.&quot; <br /><br />Police have contacted child protective services about the three children at the residence, ages three, ten and eleven, and say Code Enforcement will handle the cave. <br /><br />Police say the suspects were arrested for a number of charges, some including felony child endangerment.<br /><br /><span style="font-size: 13.3333330154419px;">Megan Rupe reporting. <a href="" target="_self">@meganrupetv</a></span><br /><br /></div>

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