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9 Year Old Girl Killed by Stray Bullet, No Arrests Made

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A mother, a family and a community is heartbroken following a senseless crime that claimed the life of an innocent child.&nbsp; 9 year old Janessa Ramirez was shot and killed Sunday night.&nbsp; Police&nbsp;say she was the unintended target&nbsp;of what appears to be the latest act of&nbsp;gang violence.&nbsp; The shooting happened at a strip mall on Clinton and Marks&nbsp;in Central Fresno. Police have yet to find the people who are responsible.<br /><br /> Chief Jerry Dyer says, &quot;She told her mother she had a burning sensation in her stomach and collapsed.&quot;<br /><br />Those were quite possibly the very last words 9 year old Janessa Ramirez said before she passed away.<br /><br />Janessa’s grandfather Frank Posas says, &quot;She was a sweet little girl.&nbsp; She had a big heart; always smiling-very innocent.&quot;<br /><br />The little girl was the innocent victim caught in the crossfire of a gun battle Sunday night.&nbsp; Police believe it was an act of gang violence.&nbsp; Janessa’s grandfather says Janessa’s mom had locked her keys in her car.&nbsp; They were waiting for him to pick them up when Janessa was shot.<br /><br />&nbsp;Posas says, &quot;I know that she’s with the Lord.&nbsp; That’s the only good part.&quot;<br /><br /> Monday, two young girls dropped off flowers and a card at the scene where Janessa died.&nbsp; They didn’t know her, but they say their hearts are still heavy.<br /><br />Samantha Garcia says, &quot;People care.&nbsp; People want the violence to end.<br /><br /> The tragedy happened at the strip mall on Clinton and Marks around 8:30 p.m. Police say Janessa and her mom we’re standing in front of the Fresno Wash Station laundrmat with some friends when they say at least two people exchanged gunfire 300 yards away.&nbsp;&nbsp;A stray bullet struck Janessa in her stomach.&nbsp; She was taken to the hospital and was pronounced dead less than an hour later.<br /><br /> &quot;It’s a sad day because it didn’t have to happen and we have people out there running around on our streets today that really don’t care,&quot; says Chief Dyer.<br /><br /> During Monday’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day march, Chief Dyer asked everyone to honor Janessa’s life with a moment of silence.&nbsp; He says he’s fed up with gang violence and calls the people responsible &quot;cowards.&quot;<br /><br /> Dyer says, &quot;If somebody is able to live with this on their conscience, then they are not human beings.&nbsp; They have no conscience.&quot;<br /><br /> Vanessa was a fourth grade student at Steinbeck Elementary School in Central Unified.&nbsp; District officials say there will be grievance counselors on campus Tuesday for students and parents.&nbsp; One parent whose son was in class with Janessa for a short time says the tragedy is hard to believe.<br /><br /> Zeyad Alawdi says, &quot;It could be a message for the city about the gang stuff and that they really need to be more strict about this problem so they can save our kids.&quot;<br /><br />Police are still searching for the suspects and will be reviewing video surveillance in the area in hopes of gathering more evidence.&nbsp; Anyone with information is asked to call Crimestoppers at 498-STOP.&nbsp; The reward has been increased to $5,000.<br /></div>

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