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A class ring is returned 17 years after it was lost

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Someone on our CBS47 Eyewitness News team experienced a high school reunion today, but it’s not the kind of reunion you may be thinking of. <br /><br />Morning weather anchor Anthony Bailey, who graduated from Fresno’s Hoover High, had his class ring returned to him after losing it 17-years-ago. <br /><br />A woman found Anthony’s long lost class ring 16-years-ago on the campus of Chabot College in Hayward where Anthony played college football. Anthony never thought he’d see his ring again, not realizing it was 170 miles away. &nbsp;<br /><br />On Wednesday, he couldn’t believe his eyes when he was reunited with his class ring.&nbsp;<br /><br />&quot;I wore the ring quite a bit you know it was part of my daily routine but obviously when you’re going to practices between football and track and field I would take the ring off,&quot; Anthony said. &nbsp;<br /><br />He says it was long forgotten until he received a Facebook message last week from a San Leandro woman named Christy Craig.<br /><br />&quot;I know I’d be mad if I lost mine, and I would hope someone would do the same thing and try to get it back to me,&quot;&nbsp;<span style="font-size: 13.3333330154419px;">Christy said.&nbsp;</span>&nbsp;<br /><br />Christy found Anthony’s ring in the parking lot of Chabot in 1999, when she was a student there. She didn’t know where Hoover High was, or who Anthony &quot;Bear&quot; Bailey would turn out to be. <br /><br />&quot;Back then there was no Facebook, no internet good enough to actually search for somebody so we tried the phonebook, but didn’t know where he was from so didn’t get very far on that,&quot; Christy said.<br /><br />She’s held on to it for more than a decade, finally deciding to clear out her jewelry box and take to social media to find the owner. <br /><br />&quot;I came across this note and it said, ‘hey I’m looking to return this class ring to somebody,’&quot; Anthony said. &quot;Initially I kind of thought, hmmm what are the chances that this person really found my class ring?&quot;<br /><br /> Anthony says it’s not about the ring itself, but more about the memories it holds. He says now he can add this moment with Christy to the history of the ring. <br /><br />&quot;Just amazing to see the goodwill of a person that really kind of thought about doing the right thing,&quot; he said. <br /><br />Anthony says he’s incredibly thankful Christy held onto his ring all these years. He says this proves the good that social media can bring.&nbsp;<br /><br />Connie Tran, reporting.</div>

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