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Air Resources Board Conducts Surprise Inspections on Big Rigs

Inspectors with California EPA and the Air Resources Board checked heavy duty trucks for compliance on clean air regulations Tuesday.

The surprise inspection check point was set up off Highway 99 at North and Cedar Avenues.

Inspectors checked 58 big rig trucks and issued 9 citations.

“We go through a lot of training through work. They have a lot of safety programs. And any new laws that go through, we’re informed on that,” said James Dees, a truck driver whose truck passed the inspection.

Inspectors looked under the hood for labels indicating the truck’s make year. They also looked for various filters on the truck and made sure drivers were using the right kind of diesel fuel. But mainly, they checked the truck’s exhaust.

“They have the driver step on the gas, if you will. And if there’s a lot of black smoke coming out, there’s probably a problem,” said Bruce Tuter, a supervisor with the Air Resources Board.

Tuter explained that diesel soot contains more than 40 toxic compounds. He said trucks that aren’t in compliance with clean air standards emit those toxins into the air that can increase rates of asthma and cancer.

“The soot–the smoke that’s coming out is very toxic, it is actually the most potent air borne toxin that we know,” Tuter said.

But various filters can reduce the soot by 95 percent. Those trucks that passed the inspection received a sticker to show compliance.

Tuter said there are on-going regulations, but many deadlines will be phased in over the next several years.

“Those trucks, older than about 1995–it’s the first time a lot of those are going to see significant deadlines,” Tuter said.

The fines for citations vary, ranging anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to $1,000 per month, per truck, depending on the violation.

For information regarding regulations and deadlines, visit:

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