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AT&T Service Finally Restored To Madera County

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Nearly 30 hours without connection, all phone and internet services have now been restored to Madera County.<br /><br /> The outage started Wednesday morning around 10:00a.m., hitting all of Madera County and parts of Fresno and Mariposa counties.<br /><br /> Adela Corona was on the phone with her mom when the line went dead.<br /><br /> &quot;We were just using the phone. I was talking to my mom, and it just went down. That’s it, dead,&quot; Corona said.<br /><br /> It’s something Corona said happens quite often, but this time was different. <br /><br /> &quot;We called AT&amp;T, and they just told us the lines were down,&quot; Corona said.<br /><br /> An outage that took out the entire county’s AT&amp;T phone and Internet service. AT&amp;T said it started after a contract worker cut one of their lines, disconnecting not only residents, but emergency services as well. <br /><br /> &quot;We just lost connectivity. Internet stopped working. Land line phones stopped working,&quot; Lt. Bill Ward with Madera County Sheriffs Office said.<br /><br /> But Ward said they had tools in place in case this were to happen. <br /><br /> &quot;As soon as we figured out what was going on, we transferred the 911 call load to Chowchilla PD,&quot; Ward said.<br /><br /> From there, a dispatcher would handle the 911 call. A system Ward said was inconvenient, but worked.<br /><br /> &quot;To the best of our knowledge, we have not missed a single 911 call,&quot; Ward said.<br /><br /> A situation that could’ve ended much differently for those over at Cedar Creek Senior Living, who were also left with out their phones.<br /><br /> &quot;When a resident falls or has a medical problem, we immediately call 911. And as we couldn’t call it out, it could’ve been a little difficult,&quot; Executive Director Martin Vale said.<br /><br /> Luckily 911 was never needed, but if it was, Vale said they were ready. <br /><br /> &quot;Everybody knew that if there were an emergency, they would have to come to me or one of the department heads with a cell phone so we could make the necessary call,&quot; Vale said. <br /><br /> All AT&amp;T phone and internet services were restored around 2:00 p.m. Thursday afternoon. AT&amp;T sent out a statement saying technicians worked around the clock to complete the repairs, and they apologize for the inconvenience. <br /><br /><br /></div>

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