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Bad Air Day Keeps Many Students Indoors

Monday’s harmful air left many students inside for most of the day. The Valley Air District forecasted the day to be in the red or unhealthy zone, which they said is dangerous to anyone outside, especially children.

Fresno father Ulises Olmos knows the importance of his child’s health.

"I don’t want them to get old and turn out like me, all hurting at a young age," Olmos said.

Olmos said on bad air days, it’s important for kids to stay inside away from dangerous pollutants.

"It’s harmful to everybody, pets, us, everything," Olmos said.

And staying inside is exactly what thousands of kids did Monday. Fresno, Clovis and Central Unified all followed guidelines from the Valley Air District, who forecasted the day to be ‘unhealthy.’

"We are definitely experiencing impacts of air pollution today," Valley Air District Outreach and Communications Manager Heather Heinks said.

Heinks said the foggy day is not only dangerous for drivers, but for anyone outside.

"You can inhale that pollution, and it’s harmful to your health. Depending on if you’re exercising or exerting yourself outside, you can inhale that deeper," Heinks said.

And she said children are even more at risk.

"Children are more susceptible. Older adults are more susceptible, anyone that’s got respiratory issues, COPD, asthma," Heinks said.

But there are some parents who think keeping children inside poses a different kind of risk.

"Kids need to be outside running around. That’s the health issue. Keeping them cooped up inside. There’s just as many toxins indoors as there are outdoors," Fresno County Mother Kristin Beasley said.

Monday was also a no burn day for most counties in the valley. Heinks saod the bad air will probably stick around through the week so she recommends staying indoors as much as possible.

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