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Dense Fog Delays Air, Road Travel in Fresno

Thick fog socked in the Central Valley Monday bringing with it danger and delays. It’s been awhile since the Valley experienced such dense fog,  but it is back with a vengeance. Monday evening there were still some delays at the Fresno Yosemite International Airport; a trickle down effect from a ground stop early Monday morning. Travelers faced delays in both air and road travel.

It’s the thickest fog to hit the Central Valley in recent memory, but despite the warnings, the CHP was busy Monday morning.

Axel Reyes with the Fresno CHP says, "Te biggest thing we see is people speeding in the fog, driving just way too fast."

The CHP says with a combination of back to school traffic and dense fog,  collisions were way up. Truck drivers like John Kendall say staying safe means slowing down.

Kendall says,  "Plenty of times I’ve seen people get in a big hurry. They think they’re going to save themselves 5 minutes and in the end get in a wreck then they’ve shot the whole day. It’s just not worth it."

The white out also caused major disruptions at Fresno Yosemite International Airport, where visibility reached less than 500 feet.

FYI Marketing manager Rhonda Jorn says, "We were actually so socked in this morning that we were at a ground stop from 4:10am to 8:09am this morning, so for 4 hours nothing was moving."

Cancelled flights caused some to stay in Fresno an extra day.

New York traveller Jessica Moore says, "We’re going to spend the night again and head out tomorrow"

Delays extended travel time for others.

Louisville, KY resident says, "Now I’ve got 8 hour waits in four different spots."

With fog expected in the Valley for the next few days, travelers are asked to be patient-

Jorn says, " tTake a breather; relax."

-and cautious.

Axel Reyes says, "Leave extra time in the morning if you’re heading to work or dropping off your kids."

CHP also recommends that you crack your window in your car so in case you can’t see nearby traffic or other cars, at least you can still hear them. As for air travel, airport officials are urging anyone who plans to fly in the next few days to call their airline before heading to the airport.

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