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Ex-Wfie of Slain Exeter Cop Pleads Not Guilty to Murder Charge

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The woman accused of killing her ex-husband made her first appearance in court Tuesday.&nbsp; Erika Sandoval has been charged with the first degree murder of Exeter police officer Daniel Green.&nbsp; During her arraignment, Sandoval entered a not guilty plea.&nbsp; Meanwhile, new details are emerging about Officer Green’s murder.<br /><br />Sandoval is being held&nbsp;at the Bob Wiley Detention Facility in Tulare Coutny&nbsp;without bail. District Attorney Tim Ward says the suspect appears to have had every intention of killing her ex-husband- the father of her child- Daniel Green.&nbsp; Ward even says it appears&nbsp;Sandoval carried out a surprise attack against Green.<br /><br />&nbsp;28 year old Erika Sandoval, the woman accused of killing her ex husband, Exeter police officer Daniel Green,&nbsp;pleaded not guilty to murder.<br /><br /> Tim ward, Tulare county&nbsp;District Attorney&nbsp;says, &quot;These crimes, which are perpetuated behind closed doors – within intimate relationships, are agregarious and they are unacceptable.&quot;<br /><br /> Sandoval was charged with one count of first-degree murder, including a special circumstance. Ward says Sandoval murdered Green while she was ‘lying in wait’.&nbsp;Ward says it appears&nbsp;Sandoval entered Green’s home and waited for him to arrive, before shooting and killing him.<br /><br /> Ward says, &quot;If those charges are proven as submitted, the maximum sentence could be life without the possibility of parole or potentially death.&quot;<br /><br /> Sandoval’s family watched as she entered the courtroom Tuesday. In an off camera interview, her brother David told us he doesn’t believe the accusations against her, saying there’s no way she could commit such a crime.<br />&nbsp;<br />Meanwhile, Officer Green’s family&nbsp;is asking for privacy as they grieve. <br /><br /> Ward says, &quot;They do not wish to be contacted or to make any statements to the press at this time.&quot;<br /><br />Ward also addressed two domestic violence cases between the couple when they were married . One was in 2010, the other in 2011.<br /><br /> Ward says, &quot;To quell the rumors, each of those investigations resulted in the determination that Officer Green committed no criminal conduct.&quot;<br /><br /> Green was found dead&nbsp;in his Goshen home on Friday, although authorities couldn’t confirm&nbsp;when he was killed.<br /><br />Ward also says it appears police have recovered the gun used in Green’s murder, although he couldn’t say who the gun belonged to.<br /><br />The prosecutor in this case, Deputy District Attorney Anthony Fultz says Sandoval’s preliminary hearing will be held March 18th.<br /><br /></div>

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