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Fresno Family Displaced After Car Slams Into Home

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<p>A Fresno family has a hole in their home this holiday season after a driver crashed his car into their house early Thursday morning. </p><p>It happened on the corner of Cedar and White in Southeast Fresno. The home was significantly damaged, but no one was hurt.</p><p>Police later arrested 22-year-old Salvador Sanchez.</p><p>Neighbors woke up around 2:20 a.m.&nbsp;when they heard a car slam and drive into&nbsp;the home.</p><p>Cell phone video shows a tow truck removing the car.</p><p>&quot;I heard a squeak like err and then pshh. And then it vibrated, and then when it vibrated, it woke me up, so I ran outside,&quot; said Jennifer Ortiz, who lives two houses down.</p><p>It took Richard Amaya,&nbsp;a technician who boarded up the&nbsp;home,&nbsp;about eight hours to secure the badly damaged home.</p><p>When the car drove into the home, it destroyed furniture and many of the family’s personal belongings. But it missed the bedrooms on both sides where two adults and four children slept.</p><p>&quot;You got to believe in God. Somebody drove right through a house, nobody got hurt. That’s pretty miraculous,&quot; Amaya said.</p><p>Police said Sanchez crashed into the home then ran from the scene. They said&nbsp;he jumped into a dark sedan that was waiting for him down the street.</p><p>A few hours later, Sanchez called police to report his car stolen. He told&nbsp;police that he and his girlfriend were at a party, and when he went outside, his car was&nbsp;gone.</p><p>But his story didn’t check out.</p><p>&quot;We started investigating that, we talked to his girlfriend. She said, ‘No that is not correct. I&nbsp;was here, I’ve been sleeping, I didn’t see him all night. I didn’t see him until he came home,’&quot; said Lt. Joe Gomez, public information officer with the Fresno Police Department.</p><p>Just before the holidays, the Fresno&nbsp;family has been displaced.</p><p>The family’s pastor, Edgar Gomez, said he&nbsp;spoke with them in the morning. Although they’re in shock, they’re grateful no one was hurt.</p><p>&quot;But they’re thankful to God because they think this was a miracle. They’re happy to be alive and breathing,&quot; Gomez said.</p><p>Sanchez also had a felony warrant for his arrest for robbing someone at knifepoint, Lt. Gomez said.</p><p>In this case, Sanchez is being charged for hit and run.</p><p>The American Red Cross is helping a total of eight people–the family of&nbsp;six, and two more adults who lived in a back house–by putting them in a hotel for four days.</p></div>

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