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Fresno Man Avoids Being Hit by Stray Bullet

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A Fresno man is lucky to be alive after a stray bullet landed in his bed on New Year’s Eve.&nbsp; The good news is Christian Rodriguez wasn’t home when the bullet hit.<br /><br /> The bullet packed enough punch to break through the roof of the home.<br /><br /> Call it divine intervention-<br /><br /> Christian Rodriguez says, &quot; I feel like God is really watching out for me.&quot;<br /><br /> Or just plain luck.<br /><br /> &quot;I’m lucky to be alive.&quot;<br /><br /> Christian Rodriguez is counting his blessings.<br /><br /> &quot;It could’ve been me.&nbsp; I could have been another statistic.&quot;<br /><br /> On New Year’s Eve, a stray bullet shot through his ceiling and landed on his bed.&nbsp; Rodriguez wasn’t home when the bullet fell, but he was supposed to be.&nbsp; He says after ringing in the New Year at his girlfriend’s house he had planned to return home.<br /><br /> &quot; I called every family member I could to get a ride, but no one was there because they were celebrating.&quot;<br /><br /> Rodriguez finally did get a ride but when he got home the door was locked and he didn’t have his key. So, he spent the night at his girlfriend’s house instead.&nbsp; When he returned home the next day, he found the 9 millimeter bullet lying in the same spot where he normally sleeps.&nbsp; He says he fell to his knees and started crying.<br /><br /> &quot; For me to see it up close and personal. I could have been dead. You could have reported me dead.<br /><br /> It’s a scary thought that Rodriguez says has given him a new appreciation for life, since his was spared.<br /><br /> &quot;I did dodge a bullet and I’m just grateful. Very, very grateful.&quot;</div>

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