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Fresno Police Crack Down on Gang Violence

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Fresno Police served search warrants and looked for probation violations Wednesday night as they cracked down on gang activity. They focused on taking drugs and firearms out of the hands of gang members. <br /><br />&quot;The way these gangs are acting right now is no one is out of play. Innocent victims are getting hit right now and it’s occuring all over the City of Fresno,&quot; Sgt. Brian Valles with the Fresno Violent Crime Impact Team said. <br /><br />There have been 29 shootings in three weeks. Violence Police Chief Jerry Dyer says is fueled by gang feuds, drugs and prostitution. <br /><br />&quot;We’re going to remove them from the streets, and we’re going to take their firearms, and we’re going to put them in jail, and put them in prison, and we are going to stop the violence in our neighborhoods,&quot; Dyer said. <br /><br />Two members of the primarily Asian Tiny Rascals Gang were arrested in a rented Southwest Fresno Home Wednesday night. Officers uncovered multiple trash bags full of low grade marijuana, a honey oil processing room and a slot machine. <br /><br />&quot;They’ll sell the marijuana, they’ll prep it package it and sell it. The gambling machines also they get the money collected from multiple sources. It helps them fund their gang activity. Purchasing firearms, purchasing more narcotics and committing other crimes,&quot; Officer Vincent Zavala said. <br /><br />When officers arrived at the known Tiny Rascal Gang home several people opened the door and said no one else was home. Upstairs officers broke down the door of a locked room after no one would cooperate. Half a dozen people were hiding in several rooms. One man with a probation violation was hiding on the roof. <br /><br />&quot;We are going to notify our problem oriented policing detective to get those individuals evicted so it doesn’t lead to a gang related shooting because that it a TRG hang out,&quot; Valles said. <br /><br />The gang crackdown will continue over the next three weeks. Sgt. Valles says it’s not about breaking down doors but about building a safer community. <br /><br />&quot;We contact the neighbors up and down the block and let them know hey this is why we’re here and explain what we can as far as the search warrant and let them know we are here for them,&quot; Valles said. <br /></div>

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