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Friends Remember 8 Year Old Fresno Boy Killed in Hit and Run

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A Fresno family is overcome by heartache and grief just before the holidays, following a fatal hit-and-run accident. 8 year old Jovany Membrano died early Monday morning after he was struck by a car while crossing a street Sunday night.&nbsp; Meanwhile,&nbsp; police are still searching for the driver who fled the scene.<br /><br /> The neighborhood kids are still playing their daily game of soccer. It’s a ritual for the boys have grown up together,&nbsp; but now there’s is a big void.<br /><br /> Jovany’s friend says, &quot; I feel sad that he won’t be able to play with us anymore.&quot;<br /><br /> 8 year old Jovany Membrano was killed following a hit-and-run accident Sunday night.<br /><br /> Jovany’s friend Guillermo Romo says, &quot; I was shocked because he’s such a small boy and he has so much to live. It was sad.&quot;<br /><br /> The tragedy happened around 8 p.m. On East Kings Canyon Avenue near Whitney Avenue.&nbsp; Police say Jovany and his 5 year old brother were with their mom and her boyfriend when they crossed the street mid- intersection with no crosswalk. Jovany was hit by a car and rushed to the hospital where he later died.<br /><br /> Fresno police captain Andy Hall says, &quot; When you have two small children you really have to control the kids while crossing the street. She really should have had her hands on both of them.&quot;<br /><br /> According to police, the mom and boyfriend had just purchased alcohol from the Sunlite Market.&nbsp; They say the boyfriend had been drinking but wasn’t drunk.&nbsp; Lucky Singh, who works on the busy street, says people constantly jaywalk.<br /><br /> Singh says, &quot; It’s a sad situation;&nbsp; somebody lost their child, but its nothing new here.&quot;<br /><br /> Jovany was a third grade student at Maria G. Olmos Elementary School, and according to his friends, a very caring boy.<br /><br /> Jovany’s friend Armando Delatorre says, &quot; He was a nice kid. He always used to share his toys.&quot;<br /><br /> The driver of the car that hit Jovany took off.&nbsp; Police say they have a message for whoever it is.<br /><br /> &quot; I don’t know why you left, but I know there’s a family that’s a grieving;&nbsp; there’s a community that’s grieving. don’t the right thing. Come in and let’s get through this, says Captain Hall. <br /><br /> The only description police have of the suspect vehicle at this time is that it’s a dark colored 4 door sedan.&nbsp; They say they are in the process of reviewing video surveillance in the area to get a better description of the vehicle and the driver. They also say because the little boy was illegally crossing the street while in his mother’s care, she could be held responsible in some way. <div><br /></div><div></div></div>

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