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Funds needed to pay for funeral of couple who died of carbon monoxide poisoning

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It’s been two weeks since a Fresno couple died of carbon monoxide, but they still haven’t been laid to rest. 51 year old Alvin Castro and 64 year old to Phyllis Castillo were found dead inside of a Fresno home that was undergoing renovation. Castro’s family is now asking for the public’s help in laying him to rest.<br /><br />Funeral arrangements have already been made at the Chapel of the Light, but Castro’s family is still waiting to gather up the rest of the money to hold the services.<br /><br />Castro’s niece LeeAnna Valencia says, &quot;I would come here every other day and take them where they needed to go and now I can’t do that anymore. It really hurts me.&quot;<br /><br />The sunglasses may hide her tears, but Valencia’s pain is easy to see.<br />Her uncle Alvin Castro and his girlfriend Phyllis Castillo died nearly two weeks ago of carbon monoxide poisoning.<br /><br />Valencia says, &quot;That’s something that could have been avoided and now my aunt and my uncle are both gone.&quot;<br /><br />Their death was an unexpected tragedy for the family and an unexpected expense for Castro’s daughter, Sarah.<br /><br />Sarah Vargas, Castro’s daughter says, &quot; I just want to put him to rest and his funeral just feels so overwhelming because of the finances.&quot;<br /><br />Castro’s family has been on the streets asking for donations from strangers. They still need $1,000 more to pay for Castro’s funeral.<br /><br />Vargas says, &quot;I’ve never been much of the beggar, but under the circumstances and this situation it’s for my dad.&quot;<br /><br />On February 4th, the couple was found dead in a home on N. Delno Avenue. Firefighters say it appears the lethal carbon monoxide leak came from a wall heater. Castro’s family says the couple had been homeless for some time, but they were staying in the home while it was being renovated, in exchange for keeping squatters out and doing some side work.<br /><br />Valencia says, &quot;They were just glad to have a place to stay.&quot;<br /><br />&quot; This was the first step to getting their lives back in order,&quot; says Steve Valencia.<br /><br />Now their family wants to give them a proper goodbye.<br /><br />Valencia says, &quot;Its really sad. I’m going to miss them a lot. I really am.&quot;<br /><br />If you’d like to Castro’s family with funeral expenses, you can donate money directly to the Chapel of the Light in Alvin Castro’s name. You can also make payments by phone.<br /></div>

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