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George Sheklian's Legacy Lives On

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<p>With music playing in the background, and the smell of leather and coffee hanging in the air, Arsen Sheklian continues his father’s legacy.</p><p>&quot;Every morning i don’t forget to say good morning to my dad, i look at his picture and say good morning dad or if i need help i say dad i need help and somehow the knowledge comes back,&quot; Arsen Sheklian said. </p><p>Last December 85 year old George Shaklian was taking coffee to friends working at Fresno Firearms when two masked men who had just robbed the place ran out and shoved him so hard he fell and cracked his skull.</p><p>&quot;A lot of people had something taken away from them because of this,&quot;Arsen Sheklian said.</p><p>Now those who knew him wait for justice for the man who put his heart and soul into his work and&nbsp; built a relationship with everyone he met.</p><p>Sheklian’s son can’t get the images of that terrible day out of his mind but the building where the tragedy happened will soon be reduced to rubble.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; </p><p>&quot;Every once in a while I look at the spot where he laid and it hits me but I think the most ironic thing now is that the building is being torn down and we have to move,&quot; said Arsen.</p><p>New buildings will replace the one that houses Sheklian’s shop and surrounding ones but George Sheklian’s traditon of reaching out to frineds and neighbors will live on while the search for his killers continues. <br />&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; </p><p><br/></p></div>

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