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Heavy Rainfall Floods Parts of Merced County

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<p>Parts of the North Valley got a heavy soaking from Thursday’s storm. Areas of Merced County were under a flood advisory for the day.</p><p>In Gustine, Jose Vasquez used a water pump&nbsp;to move&nbsp;the water away from his apartment where puddles have completely surrounded his home.</p><p>&quot;It’s all the way around, so this is the one that’s going to get flooded,&quot; Vasquez said.</p><p>Rain fell heavily&nbsp;and steadily&nbsp;in parts of Merced County&nbsp;Thursday.&nbsp;</p><p>Inside&nbsp;the West Valley Revival Center in downtown Gustine, church members sang,&nbsp;&quot;Holy&nbsp;Spirit rain, rain down on us.&quot; And it did rain, literally on them.</p><p>&quot;It’s on the awning and it’s leaking in through the ceiling and coming down into the wall so we have to move some drywall and get if fixed,&quot; said Pastor Floyd Lozada.</p><p>Church&nbsp;members worked to repair the leak before it created water damage inside the church.</p><p>Earlier in the day down in Madera County, residents prepared for the rain that was coming their way.&nbsp;</p><p>Madera resident Pete Ramirez filled sand bags to take home in case the rain got too close to his door step.</p><p>&quot;It’s kind of an older part of town, kind of rural, so there’s no gutters or street curbs or anything,&quot; Ramirez said.</p><p>The storm’s impact was felt statewide. Heavy rains created&nbsp;dangerous road conditions in some areas. </p><p>Madera resident Carey Mendivoure, who&nbsp;works at an elementary school,&nbsp;said the rain affected a school field trip. </p><p>&quot;I was supposed to take 30 kids to Monterey Bay Aquarium this morning, and they actually cancelled our trip 15 minutes after we were supposed to leave because they were afraid we’d get stuck on the other side of Pacheco Pass,&quot; Mendivoure said.<br /></p></div>

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