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High Speed Rail Coming To Central Valley

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<p>Governor Jerry Brown is expected to attend the groundbreaking ceremony for Fresno’s new high speed rail Tuesday, the same day he’s sworn in for another term in office.</p><p>Which means the nation’s first high speed rail system is just days away from the first phase of construction, and it’s all starting at the corner of Tulare and G Street. </p><p>&quot;It’ll help with congestion on our crowded freeways and also help with our air quality,&quot; California High-Speed Rail Authority Central Valley Regional Director Diana Gomez said.</p><p>Traveling at 220 miles per hour, Gomez said the new electric rail system will cut a nearly six hour drive in half. </p><p>&quot;Our goal is to have a train running from San Francisco to Los Angeles,&quot; Gomez said.</p><p>Gomez said the rail will not only help with air pollution, but it was also bring local jobs. Rail officials said starting in the valley is also cost effective. </p><p>&quot;It does serve as the backbone for the entire system. And we can get a lot more miles built in the Central Valley cheaper than Los Angeles or San Francisco, and we need this leg to start testing the system,&quot; Gomez said.</p><p>But it’s a system that comes with a cost.</p><p>&quot;We will not survive this project,&quot; said Kathy Omachi, Vice President, Chinatown Revitalization Group.</p><p>Omachi said the downtown groundbreaking is the beginning of the end.</p><p>&quot;Basically what you’re looking at for Tuesday with the groundbreaking may be the end to Chinatown because of the streets that are going to be blocked off and the amount of buildings that are going to be torn down,&quot; Omachi said.</p><p>But those who created the idea believe the project is worth the sacrifice.</p><p>&quot;Our project is going to transform how we move around in the state,&quot; Gomez said.</p><p>The first phase of the project will connect Fresno to Madera County. The entire project is expected to cost around 68 billion dollars.</p></div>

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