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Hiker Rescues Dog in Mountain Lion Attack

A tranquil day of hiking nearly turned tragic when a dog was attacked by a mountain lion Tuesday.

Sally, a four year old Weimaraner is in good spirits after the attack. Wagging her tail and happy to see friends.

"We were very lucky there’s just no way of saying it better than that. Sally is a very lucky dog we ought to change her name to lucky," Candace Gregory, Sally’s owner said.

Gregory was hiking with friends in the Sierra National Forest. Sally was about 30 feet ahead when suddenly they came face to face with nature.

"I saw a flash of something tan-ish," Gregory said.

"You heard this blood curling screaming sound of an animal in its death throws," Rick Lawin said.

A mountain lion had its paws wrapped tightly around Sally’s body and the dogs head in its mouth.

"I was yelling and yelling and yelling trying to get it off. And the mountain lion wasn’t paying any attention to me," Gregory said. "It was big."

They estimate the big cat was at least 120 pounds. Feeling they were all in danger Rick hit the Mountain Lion with his hiking stick.

The mountain lion let go of the dog and jumped in a tree.

"I called sally immediately, she came running of course and we slowly backed away all of us together," Gregory said.

They took Sally to an emergency vet hospital in Fresno where the dog was taken into surgery.

"Her chest, her stomach, her legs. She had claw marks punctures all over." Kevin Lazarcheff a veterinarian said. "The biggest bite wounds were to the head and back of the neck."

Sally had numerous stitches and a drainage tube placed in her head. She will recover but won’t be going on any hikes for several weeks.

Candace says they did a lot of things right that day like telling someone where they were going, having a cell phone and backing away versus running from the mountain lion.

Next time they go out Sally will be on a leash as roaming pets can be easy targets for wild animals.

"We are lucky to live up here in this beautiful country but it is also an area with a lot of wild creatures this is natures backyard and sometimes we forget that," Gregory said.

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