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Karate Instructor Trial

Teachers and coaches are entrusted with teaching children, and parents expect their kids to be safe with them. But so often, we hear about people in “positions of power” accused of abusing their authority.
Right now, a karate instructor is fighting to prove his innocence after being accused of sexually abusing children. Carlos Anderson is the former owner of Top Kick Karate in Fresno on Blackstone near Grant. In an exclusive interview with Eyewitness News, Defense Attorney Douglas Foster claims his client is innocent.
“He was never alone with any student, especially when students were dressing,” said Foster. “He never allowed any students into the private areas of his studio. He had a private living area upstairs.”
The alleged victims claim Anderson fondled them last year at the Karate studio. This isn’t the first run in with the law for that karate instructor. Anderson stood trial for indecency with a child, aggravated sexual assault of a child and sexual assault of a child back in 2010 in Harlingen, Texas. There he was found not guilty of fondling children at his karate business. He then moved to Fresno, opening up another karate studio.
The Fresno County District Attorney’s Office is considering calling witnesses from his Texas trial to testify.
Anderson’s case is just one of more than 60 cases prosecuted by the District Attorney’s Office this year involving alleged sexual abuse of children.
Dr. Susan Napolitano is a Child Psychologist. She says the reality is that most children who are sexually abused are sexually abused by somebody they know.
Carlos Anderson has been in custody since last December in Fresno. He’s expected to go to trial next month.

Here some additional information:

Facts about Child Abuse
– 300,000 kids sexually abused every year
– 1/5 adults report being abused as a child
– 88% of child sexual abuse never reported to authorities
– Sex offender registries address only a tiny portion of those at risk to sexually harm children
– Adults need to respond to inappropriate behaviors around kids BEFORE someone is harmed
– Abusers are likely to be people we know
– Most abusers are family members, neighbors, babysitters, coaches, teachers, clergy or anyone with close contact withy children
– Abuse is not restricted to age or social class

Warning Signs in an Adult
– Ignores social boundaries
– Does not respect child’s limits and teases to stop them
– Sexually suggestive comments
– Insists on hugging, touching, tickling, or inspecting children’s bodies
– Has secret interactions with children
– Spends excessive time with children or seeks reasons to be alone with them
– Seems too good to be true, offers to babysit, takes kids out
– Gives children special privileges or gifts
– Shares personal life details with children
– Abusers look for kids with low self esteem, troubled homes, and uninvolved or powerless parents. They are more likely to avoid confident kids, who seem likely to speak up and who have close and warm relationships with parents

What to do?
– Pay attention to adult/child interactions
– Watch child’s online activity
– Teach children to say “no”
– Set respectful body boundaries at home
– Speak up and report suspicious behavior
– Practice difficult conversations
– Be clear about acceptable versus unacceptable touch
– Teach difference between a secret and a surprise
– Encourage kids to talk when something or someone makes them uncomfortable

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