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Live Nativity Drive Through Draws Thousands in Riverdale

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<p>Thousands of people made their way&nbsp;to the small city of Riverdale on Christmas Eve for a drive through live nativity scene put on by the Riverdale Assembly of God Church.&nbsp;It’s been in production every year since 1988. </p><p>Wednesday, about 1,600 people drove through; about 2,3000 people drove through Tuesday night. </p><p>The live nativity features five scenes, taking people back to Biblical times.</p><p>&quot;It’s just incredible,&quot; said Lisa Wilson of Tulare. </p><p>&quot;It’s very impressive–all the dialogue and hearing the story in person,&quot; said Sandy Marthedal, an Easton resident. </p><p>The scenes are set in Biblical times with&nbsp;live characters and&nbsp;live animals to explain the Christmas story.</p><p>It takes about 250 cast members to put on this production with a single goal: &quot;Really, what we want to give is the true meaning of Christmas,&quot; said Chuck Spencer, director of the Living Nativity. &quot;And really, we’re all celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, and that is our gift to this community, or to this Valley.&quot;</p><p>Each night, members stay in character for three hours as people drive through and learn the nativity story.</p><p>Mike McMillan has been dedicated to this production every year since 1988.</p><p>&quot;Because I want my children to know the real meaning of Christmas. It’s not just about all the gifts and the giving. But this is the real reason of the season,&quot; McMillan said.  </p><p>Dec. 25&nbsp;is the final day for the production this year. It’s open from 6 to 9 p.m., and it’s located at the Riverdale Assembly of God Church on the corner of Mt. Whitney and Marks. The drive through is free.</p></div>

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