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Measles Outbreak Sparks Vaccination Questions

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<div style="margin-top: 0px; margin-bottom: 0px;"><font size="2"><p>It all started in &quot;The Happiest Place On Earth,&quot; when someone infected with measles took a trip to Disneyland.<br /></p><p>&quot;It’s probably originating in countries where they do not vaccinate against measles,&quot; Dr. Ken Bird, Fresno County Dept. Of Public Health Officer said. <br /></p><p>Dr. Bird said that person probably came from another country that doesn’t vaccinate. In the U.S., two vaccinations for kids is standard, so why is the disease spreading?<br /></p><p>&quot;Most are getting it because they are either un-vaccinated or under-vaccinated,&quot; Dr. Bird said. <br /></p><p>Under-vaccinated, meaning they’ve only had one dose. <br /></p><p>&quot;For adults who may have only had the one vaccination in the past when they were doing only doing the one, a second one is recommended,&quot; Dr. Bird said. <br /></p><p>The good news is the vaccine is 99 percent effective when both doses are given.<br /></p><p>&quot;There’s that one in 100 that the vaccine is not going to work for,&quot; Dr. Bird said. <br /></p><p>And while it’s common for children to get the measles vaccine, some parents opt out due to religious beliefs or other concerns.<br /><br />&quot;I think mainly it’s the fear of vaccinations in general. People still believe that they have all kinds of bad adverse effects,&quot; Dr. Bird said. <br /></p><p>Fresno mom Kristen Co has two little girls. She took the decision whether to vaccinate very seriously.<br /></p><p>&quot;You hear people say that vaccinations can cause Autism and other kinds of things, so of course as a first time parent, we were concerned,&quot; Co said. <br /></p><p>But in the end, she made a decision she believes was best for her little ones. <br /></p><p>&quot;This is something they’ve been doing for a long time. The majority of the population does it, and it is very important to public health to have our kids vaccinated,&quot; Co said. <br /></p><p>Dr. Bird said everyone, especially adults, should check their immunization records. If you have only gotten one dose of the vaccine, he says you should go back and get the second. <br /></p><p>He says people should also watch out for the symptoms.. Fever, cough and runny nose, followed by a rash of tiny red spots. </p></font></div></div>

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