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Merced Correctional Officer Accused of Sexual Misconduct

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A Merced Correctional Officer is being investigated for sexual misconduct while on duty. <br /><br />The Merced Sheriff’s Office says concerned inmates reported 42 year old Greg Rich of Atwater for inappropriate behavior on January 29. The incidents all allegedly happened on the same day two days before they were reported. Ten days later Rich was placed on administrative leave with pay for alleged incidents involving three female victims. An inmate, correctional officer and contract employee. <br /><br />&quot;Obviously many questions have arose, what happened between the 29th and the 7th. Mr. Rich had scheduled and approved vacation prior to that so as soon as that was concluded he was placed on paid administrative leave,&quot; Sgt. Delray Shelton with the Merced County Sheriff’s Office said. <br /><br />The Sheriff’s Office has not released a photo of Greg Rich, who is a seven year veteran correctional officer. He was also not booked into jail despite the District Attorney filing charges for felony assault and three counts of misdemeanor sexual battery. <br /><br />&quot;The questions has arose why he was not booked into jail. He’s not a flight risk. He’s on paid administrative leave so he’s not allowed on the property or around any of the victims,&quot; Shelton said. <br /><br />Sexual battery is defined as touching an intimate part of another person against their will for the purpose of sexual arousal. <br /><br />Shelton says employees who work with inmates sign a zero tolerance sexual harassment waiver every year. <br /><br />&quot;He as well as all of the employees here are very aware that the Merced County Sheriff’s office and the County of Merced in general has zero tolerance, none, for any kind of sexual battery any kind of sexual harassment,&quot; Shelton said. <br /><br />Rich will be arraigned later this month at the Merced County Superior Court. <br /><br /></div>

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