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Merced officer shot by suspect is home recovering today

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The Merced Police force says they’re frustrated with the lack of resources within the police department. An officer involved shooting over the weekend is making matters worse. <br /><br />The officer who was shot early Saturday morning is now at home recovering from his injuries but it may be at least six months before he’s be back on the job and it’s taking a toll on an already short staffed police department.<br /><br />It’s been a rough start to the year for the Merced police department investigating 5 homicides so far this year and about 40 shootings since late last year. The chief of police said they need more manpower and technology but they’re doing everything they can with the resources they have.<br /><br />Major Crimes Detective Joe Deliman said the amount of overtime they’re working right now is taking a toll and it takes a toll on an officer’s life and the citizens of the town.<br /><br />The chief of police credited CHP and the Sheriff’s Department for providing back up and assisting with the arrests.<br /><br />Although the police department is composed of 89 officers, there are currently seven open positions but with detectives working on certain cases and administrative staff, there are really less than 40 officers patrolling the streets.<br /><br />Merced City Manager John Bramble said &quot;We continue to recruit for those positions on an ongoing basis pretty tenaciously but unfortunately we have not been able to find a great vast number of people who want to be officers right now.&quot;<br /><br />The Police Officers Association believes its because the job package just isn’t appealing to officers with experience and although public safety is a priority, the city manager says its too early to say wether the police department would get more money to make the job more attractive.<br /><br />&quot;None of the crime is going away, we’re still very busy and there’s still a lot to do in this town,&quot; Joe Deliman said.<br /><br />The police department would have to wait until the summer to see if they would get more funding and it would take months after that to get any new officers. <br /></div>

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