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Navy Shutting Down Combat Camera Units

The Navy is eliminating its two Combat Camera units. The move saves the Pentagon money, but it eliminates a program with a history that goes back to the war in the Pacific. The decision to cut the units has been a blow for Kurt Kinnamon, who joined Navy Combat Camera in 1958 and retired in 1985. He still works as a volunteer at the West Coast unit on Naval Air Station North Island. They dedicated their building to him in October, but the unit is about to disappear. “I thought it was BS, you know,” he said, of the decision to eliminate the unit. As he thumbs through his scrapbook, Kinnamon remembers setting up a photo lab in Saigon during the Vietnam War. Other photographers of his generation waded into the jungle with the Marines. Later they photographed the last helicopters during the fall of Saigon. “It’s mostly documentary,” Kinnamon said. “To complete the job and have it satisfy whomever it was made for, that’s a reward in itself.” Hollywood movies Dangerous, in-your-face, shooting

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