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New California laws for 2015

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California lawmakers passed more than 900 laws last year that go into effect in 2015. One of the most significant allows undocumented immigrants to apply for a drivers license, but there are plenty of other new laws worth noting. <br /><br />From gas for our cars, to water from the ground, Californians will have to get used to some changes. <br /><br />First and foremost, the gas tax, which we will notice at the pumps almost immediately. Fortunately, the price of oil has dropped to help offset the pain. Fresno attorney Charles Magill explains the need for the tax. <br /><br />&quot;The reality is they want to raise taxes on gas because that’s a big part of infrastructure funding for the state of California. And that would be the reason to raise the tax. Of course none of us want to see higher taxes,&quot; Magill said.<br /><br />The new year brings sweeping set of ground-water regulations. Say good-bye to any &quot;pump as you please&quot; rules during a severe drought. Local water agencies will now have to manage how much water is drawn from wells.<br /><br />&quot;As groundwater drops lower and lower, the ground seeps back in and so you can’t refill it and that seepage causes structural damages to buildings in that area,&quot;&nbsp;Magill said.&nbsp;<br /><br />There’s a new law granting local governments greater oversight over massage parlors and another making it a misdemeanor to distribute naked photos of someone in an act of revenge. <br /><br />&quot;You’d think common sense would be if you had nude photos you would destroy it or not use it in a public manner for revenge. So it seems logical for them to do that because people don’t use proper decorum on the internet,&quot;&nbsp;Magill said.&nbsp;<br /><br />The state’s plastic bag ban may be challenged. A group that’s against the law say they’ve collected enough signatures to put a referendum on the November ballot to have it overturned. If the referendum qualifies the ban will be suspended until voters have their say.<br /><br />Stefani Booroojian reporting.<br /><br /></div>

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