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Officers Increase DUI Patrols After Super Bowl Festivities

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<p>As Super Bowl festivities end, officers from multiple agencies are patrolling the streets, looking for those who are driving impaired and putting the community at risk. KSEE 24’s Raquel Cervantes joined Clovis Police Officer Jesus Santillan for a ride along.</p><p>The roads were a little busier than normal for a Sunday night in Clovis as Santillan looked&nbsp;for the signs that a driver is distracted or possibly impaired.</p><p>&quot;Either run a red light, roll through a stop sign, or excessive swerving that leads me to believe, ok something is wrong with this driver, possibly impairment,&quot; Santillan said.</p><p>If there’s a suspicion, he&nbsp;pulls over the driver.</p><p>As he asks for the driver’s license and registration, he looks for indicators that could mean the driver is under the influence.</p><p>&quot;They’ll start to fumble with their license, or you’ll pick up an odor of an alcoholic beverage from the passenger compartment, their slurred speech, red watery eyes.&quot;</p><p>If that’s the case, the officer will then conduct a field sobriety test.</p><p>But this Sunday night, the drivers Officer Santillan pulled over on the ride along were not impaired, and&nbsp;he let them off with warnings for driving distracted.</p><p>However, it’s important for him to look for these signs while on patrol because an impaired driver puts the community at risk.</p><p>&quot;It could be someone getting involved in a traffic accident, hurting themselves, hurting an innocent family.&quot;</p><p>Officers are encouraging&nbsp;people to designate a sober driver and for motorists to report suspected drunken drivers by calling 911.</p></div>

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