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Police Imposters Surrender in Fresno

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They acted like police. They wore vests like police. And even ran their victims through fake drunk driving field tests before they stole hundreds of dollars in cash.<br /><br />Two men are under arrest for impersonating police officers. They used that ruse to rob their victims.<br /><br />Police say Patrick King and Juan Calderon, both 24 years old, committed the robberies in Fresno, mostly late at night or early in the morning.<br /><br />The suspects used the dark of night to help conceal the fact that they were not real police officers. Investigators say the pair followed several of their victims from bars often frequented by migrant farm workers, including La Fiesta in downtown Fresno and Sandy’s Bar near Fresno City College.<br /><br />In one case,d police say Patrick King and Juan Calderon were wearing police raid vests. They allegedly stopped the victim as he was walking to his car and asked if he had been drinking.<br /><br />&quot;One of the things they always ask is: ‘have you been drinking’. And they’ve conducted field sobriety tests too. So they know what police do,&quot; Lt. Joe Gomez with the Fresno Police department said.<br /><br />But they did one thing police do not do. They took the victims wallets and took out cash.<br /><br />&quot;Unbeknownst to the people stopped, they return their wallets and later they discover that they’ve stolen money from them,&quot; Lt. Gomez said.<br /><br />Police say one of the reasons King and Calderon were so convincing was because they had undergone training to become bail bondsmen. But the bail bonds company never hired them.<br /><br />Patrick King had been arrested in 2008 for impersonating a police officer. So a police officer contacted King’s grandmother Tuesday. She called King and convinced him to turn himself in. <br /><br />Calderon also surrendered after the case received attention in the media and social media.<br /></div>

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