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Police on the Hunt for Two Armed Men who Held Up Gun Store

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<font size="2"><p>In Fresno on Thursday, the gun store Fresno Firearms located on Blackstone Avenue was robbed by two masked gunmen. An innocent man was also attacked during the robbery. Fresno Police said they are still on the lookout for the suspects, and they are considered armed and dangerous. </p><p>&quot;I was just walking over here and I saw the police with all the cameras,&quot; said Tony Garcia, a Fresno resident who was on his way to buy a gun for his wife.</p><p>Tony drove up to Fresno Firearms on thursday morning just minutes after the robbery. He said he was shocked when he drove up to the store to see it swarmed with police and media crew. But, the store where he wanted to buy a gun for protection had just been targeted by the kind of dangerous criminals he wanted to protect against.<br /><br />Fresno Police said two armed men came in around 10:30am and told the female owner of Fresno Firearms and her male employee to get down. The suspects started to pack a bag with firearms.</p>Lt. John Papaleo with Fresno Police said, &quot;I do know that they had a large bag full of guns. The best indication at this time, the best we know is they were all handguns, there’s nothing to indicate any long guns were taken.&quot;<br /><br />Police said the owner of a neighboring business walked in to deliver coffee just as the two suspects were on their way out. Officers said the innocent man was pushed to the ground and he suffered a laceration to his head.<br /><br />&quot;There’s a few crimes here and there, drug transactions, things like that. Nothing huge like this,&quot; described Michael Thompson, an employee at Fashion Furniture Outlet, which is just yards away from Fresno Firearms.<br /><br />Thompson said he’s glad no one else was more seriously injured.<br /><br />He said, &quot;It was shocking to me. It was kinda scary knowing there’s gonna be many guns on the streets now. So just pray they get a hold of them.&quot;<br /><br />Now police are relying on surveillance video to piece together a crime that many say is too violent and close to home.<br /><br />Police said the two suspects got away in a late model white Cadillac driving south on Blackstone Avenue.</font></div>

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