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Search Warrant Reveals Details of Alleged Sexual Relationship Between Two Clovis HS Employees and Student

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<font size="2"><p>We’ve obtained the search warrants for Matthew Pena and Dwayne Andrews, the two Clovis High School employees accused of having sex with the same female student. The warrants claim the former teacher and coach had sexual relations with a 17-year old student multiple times over the course of months. The Clovis Unified School District had said Pena was a photography teacher, as well as a baseball and golf coach at the school. They said Andrews was a walk-on football and track coach, and a substitute teacher.<br /><br />Jeff Hammerschmidt, a Fresno Defense attorney said, &quot;It is becoming much more common then it seemed to be a decade or two ago.&quot;</p><br />Hammerschmidt said he has represented people in Pena and Andrews’ positions. On Thursday, he read through the search warrants that Clovis Police made during their investigation and said cell phone evidence plays a big role.<br /><br />&quot;Now with the use of phones and the use of electronic communication, they’re able to start that relationship and build it,&quot; said Hammerschmidt.<br /><br />Clovis Police claim 32-year old Pena, who is married with a pregnant wife, carried on a sexual relationship with the student for nearly three months. Police said the student had Pena’s name tattooed on her right side in Hawaiian recently, and she also said that she saw a future with Pena and wanted to have a baby with him. The search warrant said the girl allegedly babysat Pena’s young daughter, and even stayed at the couple’s home in Clovis.<br /><br />During the course of the investigation, police also learned the girl and 30-year old Andrews had allegedly been intimate. The search warrant said, &quot;while looking at the deleted content from the phone, Det. Peters located several text messages that were sexual in nature. She was referring to the subject on the other end as &quot;daddy&quot;.&quot; Police said while the girl was being questioned about her relationship with Pena, Andrews began texting her asking her what was happening and telling her to call him. Police said some of the texts that Andrews sent the girl was, &quot;Is my place safe?&quot; and &quot;Do I need to be worried right now?&quot;<br /><br />Hammerschmidt said he believes a judge is going to look at the substantial age difference and the fact that Pena and Andrews were in positions of trust and power.<br /><br />Late last month, Pena did not enter a plea, while Andrews pleaded not guilty to five counts of unlawful sexual intercourse.</font></div>

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