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Several Upset Over Superintendent's Felony Forgery

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<p>Controversy is brewing in a small Central Valley School District. Some expressing concerns that the district’s Superintendent has a felony conviction.</p><p>&quot;When they found out about this information, they were shocked and dismayed. She doesn’t have the trust of the community,&quot; Caruther’s resident Ted Miller. </p><p>Miller is talking about parent reaction to revelations about Raisin City Superintendent Anna Ramirez.</p><p>&quot;She pled no contest to a felony charge of forgery 60 days before she was appointed superintendent,&quot; Miller said. </p><p>Ramirez has been superintendent for two years, but it’s still news that came as a surprise to Raisin City School District Board Member Evangelina Urias.</p><p>&quot;Our school runs with an over million dollars budget and so that’s very concerning to me being that she’s a CEO at our school,&quot; Urias said. </p><p>Urias said she was never in the loop about Ramirez’s past because of when she was elected to the board.</p><p>&quot;I wasn’t on the board at that time,&quot; Urias said. </p><p>But Superintendent Ramirez said Urias was aware of her past, along with the rest of the district school board.<br />&nbsp; <br />&quot;I was 100 percent transparent throughout. So for them to be bringing it up now, it’s very disappointing, and it’s very counterproductive,&quot; Ramirez said. </p><p>Ramirez said she’s put the mistake behind her, and she hopes others will do the same. </p><p>&quot;My focus has been and will continue to be the students at Raisin City,&quot; Ramirez said. </p><p>But those who want Ramirez out said their concerns go beyond her felony conviction.<br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;She doesn’t have an administrative credential. All she has is a teaching credential. A superintendent without an administrative credential is extremely unusual,&quot; Miller said. </p><p>Ramirez said she does have an administrative credential, and is waiting for it to be renewed. But it’s immaterial. School superintendents in California don’t have to have the administrative credential, principals do. And many teachers support her.</p><p>&quot;I just think that there are some real positive changes that are nice to see and supportive of our students learning,&quot; teacher Belinda Contreras said. </p><p>Urias said the district has some explaining to do.</p><p>&quot;If we don’t have nothing to hide, then let’s just sit down and answer their questions,&quot; Urias said. </p></div>

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