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Stolen Dirt Bike Returned to Owner 9 Years Later

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<p>A Fresno man whose dirt bike was stolen from him years ago had it returned to him Friday.</p><p>Before Friday, the last time Angel Hernandez started the engine on his 1986&nbsp;Honda XR-80&nbsp;dirt bike was 9 years ago. </p><p>It means something special to him, since he rode it as a teenager.</p><p>But it was stolen from his home in 2005, and he hadn’t seen it since then. </p><p>&quot;I&nbsp;was on Craigslist searching for a motorcycle for my son, and&nbsp;I came across a bike that&nbsp;I reported stolen years ago,&quot; Hernandez said.</p><p>He still had the documents from when he reported it stolen. Hernandez called the seller as a potential buyer and compared the vehicle identification numbers. Sure enough, the numbers matched, and Hernandez called police.</p><p>&quot;It’s very rare for someone to find their own stolen vehicle and report it to the police,&quot; said Officer David Singer with the Fresno area CHP. &quot;Luckily, he did call us, so it resolved in a safe way.&quot;</p><p>Officers&nbsp;with the Help Eliminate Auto Theft task force (Fresno County HEAT) contacted the seller in Madera who had no clue it had been stolen years ago.</p><p>After being missing for 9 years, in a matter of hours, the bike was back in Hernandez’s hands. Officers delivered it to him at work.</p><p>For Hernandez, memories are imbedded in the bike’s dents and scratches.</p><p>&quot;I don’t see too much difference. They took off this guard here for the muffler, so you don’t burn– I used to burn my leg here also,&quot; Hernandez said as he inspected the bike.</p><p>The 28-year-old bike still runs well. Hernandez plans to give it to his 9-year-old son as a Christmas gift.</p><p>&quot;I felt thrilled,&quot; said 9-year-old Angel Hernandez, Jr.</p><p>&quot;I grew up riding my motorcycle, so yeah, it’s nice to have it back,&quot; Hernandez said.</p><p>He added that he is&nbsp;thrilled to be able to teach his son how to ride the bike when the time is right, and he is looking forward to the new memories his son will make with it.</p></div>

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