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Study Brings Awareness To Teen Dating Violence

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<p>A new report by the CDC released alarming numbers on teen dating violence saying one in five teen girls will become victims of dating violence. And ten percent of boys will experience the same. <br /> <br />Sarah Johnson spent half her life as a victim of domestic violence. </p><p>&quot;He said that I was stupid or ugly or whatever it may have been, but eventually that only lasted for so long, then it turned into physical abuse,&quot; Johnson said. </p><p>Johnson met her ex-husband when she was fourteen. The abuse started a year later and didn’t end until she was 32.</p><p>&quot;I came home, and I found all of my personal belongings destroyed,&quot; Johnson said. </p><p>She said that was the last straw. </p><p>&quot;When I looked at the destruction all around me. I saw that it could’ve been me,&quot; Johnson said. </p><p>Because Johnson’s abuse started so young, the lasting effects were hard to overcome. </p><p>&quot;It took a long time to find me again,&quot; Johnson said. </p><p>And it’s because of her past that Johnson chooses to be part of the Marjaree Mason Center’s No More Program, reaching out to teens who may be in a similar situation.</p><p>&quot;They didn’t realize they were in an abusive relationship until they actually saw what an abusive relationship is,&quot; Johnson said. </p><p>Through the No More Program, teen volunteers are trained to speak to their peers in school settings about domestic violence. </p><p>&quot;They not only talk about red flags and abuse in relationships, and abusive relationships. But they also talk about healthy relationships and what you want in a healthy relationship,&quot; Johnson said. </p><p>But teens aren’t the only ones becoming victims. </p><p>&quot;Students are away from home a lot for the first time on a college campus, so that makes it easy for abusers to isolate them,&quot; Fresno State’s Women’s Resource Center Coordinator Jessica Adams said. </p><p>Adams said they also offer a number of counseling services to help those victims get out of a dangerous situation. </p><p>&quot;Whatever can set off their partner. We talk to them about what they can do to keep themselves safe in those situations,&quot; Adams said. </p><p>Both the Marjaree Mason Center and Fresno State offer counseling services for victims. </p><p>The Marjaree Mason Center’s 24-hour hotline is 559-233-HELP. </p><p>Fresno State’s 24-hour hotline is 559-278-5696. </p></div>

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