Wednesday , June 12 2024

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People Flying Drones Over Wildfires Causing Problems

A drone is capable of taking aerial video and pictures giving drone pilots a perspective they can’t get from the ground, but wildland firefighters say they’re seeing too many of these contraptions flying over active wildfires. "A couple times yesterday we noticed some drones in our air space so I …

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Starbucks Close Nationwide Due To Computer Problems

Panic in the coffee community, as Starbucks are closing all over the country due to computer problems. Dozens of people stopping by the Starbucks on Peach Ave. and McKinley, trying to get their coffee fix, only to find a sign on a door, saying they’re closed. They say it started …

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Gusting Winds Stir Up Problems in the Valley

Tuesday gusty winds rocked the trees and kicked dust into the air taking a toll on people in the valley. "As far as like teachers, a lot of us are having an extended period of allergies," said Fresno County resident Lianne White. Experts at the Allergy Institue say Tuesday’s forecast …

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