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Thief Disturbs the Dead, Steals from Fresno Funeral Home

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Fresno police are still searching for a man accused of burglarizing a Fresno funeral home. It happened early Wednesday morning at the Chapel of the Light on Belmont near Highway 99.&nbsp; Police say the suspect broke into the area of the chapel that contains cremated remains, and got away with thousands of dollars in cash.<br /><br /> Chapel of the Light General manager Michael Rabara says, &quot;You would think this is the last place they would disrupt. &quot;<br /><br /> It’s a sacred place where people who have passed rest peacefully, but early Wednesday morning that peace was disturbed at the Chapel of the Light during a brazen burglary.<br /><br /> &quot; I just feel overwhelmed. People had to climb over someone’s resting place to enter the building&quot; says Rabara. <br /><br /> It happened just after 5 a.m. Police say a man broke through a 100 year old window and made his way to a safe, where he stole more than $10,000 in cash.<br /><br /> Rabara says, &quot; A lot of our clients sometimes tend to pay in cash.&quot;<br /><br /> Police say the man then grabbed another safe and used it to shatter the front door, just as police arrived.<br /><br /> &quot;We had a perimeter set up. We then did two canine searches, but we could not find the suspect.,&quot; says Lt. Joe Gomez.<br /><br /> Less than 12 hours before the burglary,&nbsp; John Martinez was paying his final respects to his cousin during a funeral service at the chapel. He says this kind of disrespect to the deceased is shocking.<br /><br /> John Martinez says, &quot; I think it’s horrible. I think this is a place that should be left alone. This is a place where you do your final goodbyes.&quot;<br /><br /> Although the chapel is out thousands of dollars, officials say that’s the least of their worries.<br /><br /> &quot; It’s better that they take the money because that’s replaceable.&nbsp; It could have been worse. They could have taken someone’s loved ones;&nbsp; their urns or their ashes.&quot;<br /><br /> The suspect is being described by police as a Hispanic male with tattoos on his face and neck. Police also say they believe the man was familiar with the chapel because he targeted one of the only windows that doesn’t have an alarm sensor. <div><br /></div><div></div></div>

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