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Thieves Steal Christmas Items for Homeless Teens from Fresno Non-Profit

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<p>A Fresno non-profit is hoping for a holiday miracle after it was robbed of some very valuable items.&nbsp; Not once but twice this week, thieves broke into the Fresno EOC Sanctuary Shelter and stole Christmas items intended for homeless teens.&nbsp; The organization is now scrambling to replace them.</p><p>EOC Sanctuary Outreach Manager Joe Martinez says,&nbsp; &quot;The thieves broke the hinge to gain access into our shed.&quot;</p><p>The locks are broken and the sheds are wiped clean.&nbsp; Joe Martinez describes what happened perfectly.</p><p>&quot;The Grinch stole our Christmas by robbing us of our outreach supplies and other gifts for our homeless youth,&quot; says Martinez.</p><p>Martinez helps run the Fresno EOC Sanctuary; a safe place for homeless and runaway teens.&nbsp; Each year, the organization hands out thousands of items for Christmas during it’s Warming the Homeless Project.</p><p>Martinez says, &quot;We hand out clothing items, socks, underwear, sweatshirts, sleeping bags and we offer them something hot to eat and drink.&quot;</p><p>About $1,000 worth of supplies, including bikes that were donated by the community, were stacked inside these two large sheds.</p><p>Martinez says, &quot;to have someone come in and take something from you, it’s like they’ve invaded our home in a way.&quot;</p><p>Lieutenant Joe Gomez with the Fresno PD says the area was as secure as it could have been and reminds everyone that thefts often spike during the holidays.</p><p>&quot;Often times it’s taken from people who don’t have a lot anyway,&quot; says Gomez.</p><p><br />&quot;I feel sorry for the person who did this and I hope they find it in their heart to do the right thing and return these items because it is Christmas,&quot; says Martinez.</p><p>Martinez says he is in the process of reviewing some security cameras to see if anything was captured.&nbsp; In the meantime, his main priority is to make sure teens are given something for the holidays.</p><p>If you would like to donate, the organization is looking for several items, including clothing, hygiene products, wrapped food items, bottled drinks and school supplies.</p><p>You can drop those off at the Sanctuary Homeless Youth Shelter until December 19th.</p><p>2336 Calaveras street<br />Fresno, CA 93721</p><p>Open from 9am to 4pm</p><p>To make a monetary donation, visit <a href=""></a> and specify &quot;Sanctuary and Youth Services.</p></div>

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