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Valley Farmers Say Rain Is Good, More Is Needed

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<p>A dry season with a huge impact. </p><p>&quot;It’s going to be one of the harshest years that the Central Valley agriculture has ever faced,&quot; Fresno County Farm Bureau Executive Director Ryan Jacobsen said. </p><p>Jacobsen said the Central Valley is entering year four of a drought. The first years were hard enough with growers relying more and more on groundwater, but now for many farmers, that emergency storage is nearly gone. </p><p>&quot;The actual supplies that existed to help these folks out the last three years, they don’t exist right now,&quot; Jacobsen said. </p><p>Making this year even harder. </p><p>&quot;If there’s no more water, there’s no more farms, end of story,&quot; farmer John Chandler said. </p><p>Chandler with Chandler Farms grows hundreds of acres of fruit and nuts near Selma each year.</p><p>&quot;We got a little more rain than I was expecting, and that was a good surprise,&quot; Chandler said. </p><p>A good surprise, but not a great one. He said Tuesday’s rain was welcome, but nowhere near what’s needed to survive the drought. </p><p>&quot;What the rain will probably do is keep the dust down a little bit, help weeds right now more than anything,&quot; Chandler said. </p><p>He said what they really need is snow in our mountains. </p><p>&quot;To get enough water out of the Sierras so that we do get enough surface water, that would take the pressure off the groundwater,&quot; Chandler said. </p><p>Chandler is one of the few farmers who still has access to ground water, a vital source that could eventually be gone. </p><p>&quot;We need to get more rain. We need more snowpack so we can make more deposits in that groundwater,&quot; Chandler said. </p></div>

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