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War in Afghanistan Comes to an End

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<font size="2"><span lang="EN"><p>The war in Afghanistan is officially over. President Barack Obama announced on Sunday the formal end of the US combat mission. He said after 13-years, it’s the longest war in American History. A ceremony was held on Sunday in Kabul, Afghanistan to mark the end of the war. Soldiers marched into the ceremony carrying Afghan, NATO and International Security Assistance Force flags.</p>Don Soper, a local Vietnam Veteran, &quot;War is something that nobody likes. But, you never know if all the training you’ve had is good until you actually submit yourself to combat. And then, you find out what it’s really all about.&quot;<br /><br />Soper spent his days of combat in Vietnam and he said he’s glad the war in Afghanistan is over. But he said, he wishes there was a better outcome.<br /><br />He said, &quot;We didn’t win anything. We lost 2,200 people and a trillion dollars, which, can we really afford that?&quot;<br /><br />Obama said Sunday’s ceremony marked a milestone for the nation and thanked the US troops on Christmas Day from Hawaii.<br /><br />&quot;The world is better, it’s safer, it’s more peaceful, it’s more prosperous, and our homeland is protected because of you and because of the sacrifices you make every day,&quot; said Obama.<br /><br />But even as troops in Afghanistan are packing up and heading home, other American forces are bearing down in their fight to keep Iraq out of the hands of ISIS terrorists.<br /><br />Dan Yaseen, the vice president at Peace Fresno said, &quot;It’s a good thing that most of the troops have come out and the wars have settled down, but then we need to just bring troops home from all over the world.&quot;</span></font></div>

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