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Warming Centers Open for Homeless During Frigid Cold

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The Fresno and Visalia Rescue Missions are opening up warming centers during this frigid weather.<br /><br />They’re offering emergency shelter for the homeless to get them off the streets.<br /><br />The Fresno Rescue Mission is open every night. But when temperatures reach freezing or below, more people walk through the doors looking for shelter.<br /><br />Living on the street is never easy. But it’s more difficult when winter sets in. Just ask Lloyd Holland.<br /><br />&quot;I wouldn’t wish it on anybody, it’s terrible,&quot; Holland said.<br /><br />Holland has been homeless for 19 months, after he lost his job. He tried sleeping in his car.<br /><br />&quot;I have a vehicle I stay in but even that gets cold. I wouldn’t wish it on anybody, spending the night out in the cold,&quot; Holland said.<br /><br />That’s why the Fresno Rescue Mission is adding extra beds in the room that’s normally their chapel sanctuary, opening a warming center.<br /><br />Simple mattresses with sheets and blankets, that offer potentially life-saving comfort.<br /><br />&quot;When it’s a cold night, anybody that wants to come in, and they’re out in the elements we don’t want for them to be exposed to any danger to their health and well-being so we open it up for those folks,&quot; Reverend Larry Arce with the Rescue Mission said.<br /><br />People were asking about the warming center hours before it opened, including Linda Harris, who is homeless.<br /><br />&quot;There’s no secret to it, being homeless isn’t easy,&quot; Harris said.<br /><br />As welcome as the warming center is, not everyone who needs it will take advantage.<br /><br />&quot;Sometimes some of them, wherever they’re sleeping, they have their stuff and they’re very entrenched in that area. So they won’t come into a warming center,&quot; Rev. Arce said.<br /><br />But it will be here, in the cold or the rain, to provide an escape from the elements.<br /><br />The warming center at the Fresno Rescue Mission will stay open for the next few nights, as long as temperatures are down at or below freezing.<br /></div>

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