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Woman Held Captive by Wanted Parolee

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A woman terrorized by a wanted parolee. She was kidnapped and threatened as the man tried to escape capture by police.<br /><br />Officers received calls of a man running through a neighborhood late this afternoon.<br /><br />He was jumping fences and running through yards near Shields and Brawley. And he ended up breaking into a home and holding the woman inside captive.<br /><br />The suspect is 26 year old Abel Rodriguez. And he is now being held on a long list of charges. <br /><br />We spoke to the women who was kidnapped, beaten and terrorized.<br /><br />&quot;It felt like an eternity waiting there hoping he wouldn’t find me,&quot; said Gloria. She asked that we not show her face. But she took us through the rental home she owns.<br /> <br />She was inside alone when a wanted parolee ran through her neighborhood. She heard a window slide open in the house. <br /><br />&quot;I ran and hid in the closet and crouched down behind the clothes and a hamper,&quot; Gloria told us.<br /><br />She heard the man’s heavy breathing as she tried to stay hidden. But he saw her and yanked her out of the closet.<br /><br />&quot;He grabbed me by my hair, pulled me out, threw me against a long mirror that we had in that room and it broke and I cut my arm. He hit me a couple times in my ribs,&quot; Gloria said.<br /><br />She said the man had a screwdriver and held it to her neck. He told her not to make a sound.<br /><br />&quot;He was reaching, trying to reach for my purse.He said he was going to get my ID, that way he could remember my face. He already knew where I lived. He wanted to remember my face ’cause he was going to come back for me if I made a noise,&quot; Gloria’s voice trembled as she chocked back tears.<br /><br />Gloria saw a shadow pass by the window. Police were outside her home. The suspect saw it too and ran into another room where there is access to the attic.<br /><br />&quot;The second I heard him crawl up there I took the opportunity and I got up and closed the door and I locked it. And I opened the blinds and opened the door and started screaming ‘HELP!’ she said.<br /><br />A police officer pulled gloria through the open window.<br /><br />The suspect crawled through the attic and kicked out some siding, crawling out onto the roof.<br />He jumped onto the roof of another house then tried to get into neighbor Gabriel Marquez’s yard.<br /><br />&quot;He’s about to come in my back yard I say ‘You’re not coming back here’ and he proceeded to jump other fences. And cops tased him in another back yard,&quot; Marquez said.<br /><br />Gloria is relieved the suspect is behind bars and out of her neighborhood. But says the experience was a nightmare.<br /></div>

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