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Yosemite ‘Dawn Wall’ Climbers Inch Closer to Finish Line

Men vs mountain- the uphill battle continues for two climbers in Yosemite who are trying to finish one of the toughest rock climbs in the world.  They’re attempting to free climb El Capitan’s Dawn Wall. The men have been living on that rock for more than two weeks and battled through the toughest part of the climb. Tuesday,  their families were in Yosemite watching and waiting for the final pull to the top.

Inch by inch at 2,500 feet up in the air Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson climb closer to history on the side of El Capitan.

It’s a journey nothing short of spectacular for spectators below. Caldwell and Jorgeson are attempting to do what has never been done before; scale to the top of the granite mountain-3,000 feet high- using only their hands and feet, with rope available only if the climbers fall.

Tommy’s wife Becca Caldwell says,  "That’s Tommy. That’s what he does.  That’s the norm for us even though it may seem abnormal."

Becca and the couple’s young son watched as Tommy hangs by his fingertips.

Becca says, " He functions amazing up there, better than on the ground half of the time, so I trust him and I know he’s going to be safe.  He has me and Fitz to come home to."

And thousands of fans who are pulling for them.  When their fingertips aren’t gripping the razor sharp edges and dime sized holes in the Dawn Wall, they’re busy on social media; tweeting and posting updates on Facebook and Instagram.

Tuesday the last stretch of rock hovered over them. Success is almost guaranteed at this point.

Rock climbing expert and photographer Tom Evans says, " It’s not whether you have the gear that fits here or there.  It’s the character of the men itself."

Hinging on that, and a whole lot of hope, until they reach the top.

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