Wednesday , May 22 2024

After Realistic Active Shooter Drill, Raisin City School Board Considers Fallout

The Raisin City School Board is meeting today to discuss the consequences of a surprise active shooter drill that terrified students and involved a staff member going around campus with a mask and fake gun. The board is considering whether to discipline or remove the school’s superintendent. Raisin City Elementary School teachers want the board to remove Superintendent Juan Sandoval, according to the teachers association. Teachers say they were caught off guard June 3 when Sandoval had a janitor pretend to be an active shooter. Teacher Danny Nason says he was frightened and confused. “You start thinking, ‘Oh it’s a drill.’ Well, maybe it’s not a drill,” says Nason. “I’m trying to think, who in their right mind would put someone out there with a mask and a gun? Why would they do that?” Nason was so nervous he grabbed a fire extinguisher, and ended up almost hitting a staff member who entered his room. “Immediately following, we had an assembly, and once I got to the assembly, all the

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