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Caring for Seniors in the Heat

Triple digit temperatures increase the risk of heat related illnesses do too. Senior care professionals are urging those that live alone to be cautious.

When it comes to the heat there are many different places you can go to cool off.

Like the cooling center near butler and chestnut. Julia Reyes says she knows all to well. She knows first hand that heat exhaustion can make you physically ill

"When I was younger and was picking grapes I had one and until I threw up everything, I felt better", says Julia Reyes.

Now she stays inside and drinks plenty of water. Even without air conditioning, she has a plan.

"I put the cooler on and turn on the fans and it keeps me cool and it keeps my house cool", says Reyes.

Others like to use the Fresno pace for seniors center downtown.

"Really I try to stay in the house as much as I can because it’s hot", says Judy O’ Hara.

Ada Hunt says, " I drink a lot of water, more water than anything else."

She also says that she actually prefers the warmth, but tries to make sure she doesn’t overheat as well.

"I need a lot of warmth at this age and I like the breeze at night so if it’s cool enough I take the breeze", says Hunt.

PACE officials say besides offering a day time care center, they also help seniors with almost anything they need.

"PACE can invest the money, buy the unit, install it to make sure the patient is not going through that", says Zohreh Shayan, Executive Director of Fresno PACE for Seniors.

That also includes, having a medical staff on site, just in case.

"If anyone is feeling weak, dizzy, drenched in sweat, those are plenty of indicators to go inside, drink plenty of fluids and cool down", says Chour Thao, a registered nurse.

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