Friday , May 24 2024

Climbers Finish Dawn Wall Climb

Two men completed what’s been described as the most difficult free climb in the world at Yosemite National Park Wednesday.
Kevin Jorgeson and Tommy Caldwell completed a 3,000 foot climb to the top of El Capitan.It took the men 19 days to finish the world record feat.
Their fingertips shredded from gripping granite as thin as dimes.
They used no tools, only their fingers and toes gripping the side of the rock.
Ropes were there only to catch them if they fall.Every night the men slept in hanging tents. Fully equipped climbers brought them food.Their families watched every step from a meadow below.”Tommy is so seasoned in this climbing. He functions amazing up there, better than on ground most times,” Tommy’s wife Becca Caldwell said.As they pulled themselves over the peak they were greeted with hugs and cheers.President Obama tweeted his congratulations saying, “You remind us that anything is possible.” 

Rock climbing is a risky rewarding sport always take appropriate measures while attempting any type of climb no matter how small the challenge maybe.

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