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Fresno city officials look for alternatives from plywood on vacant buildings

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<font size="2"><p>Urban blight has taken over many parts of Fresno, and now the city is looking for alternative ways to secure vacant properties without the use of unsightly, and unsafe materials like plywood.</p><p>The company SecureView came to Fresno today to show off their clear, composite plastic windows and doors. It looks like glass, but it’s made of a material that cannot be broken easily. SecureView said its product is 200-times stronger than glass.</p>Former Fresno State baseball player Terance Frazier was able to break it by throwing a rock, but couldn’t break it with a bat. Fresno Mayor Ashley Swearengin said there are thousands of vacant properties throughout the city, and they’ve been looking for different ways to secure vacant properties. She said boarded up plywood on a house sends a message that the neighborhood is on the decline and that it’s not worth investing in.<br /><br />Phil Skei, a Fresno resident said, &quot;Ultimately we have to do something other than plywood, so that’s the key, right?&nbsp; We have to find an alternative, everyone has to use it, it has be used uniformally. The mayor, the code enforcement task force, staff, everyone’s working to find solutions. This is a good solution, I like the window option and I think we’re on the right track.&quot;<br /><br />SecureView said its product will help decrease crime. It said, since the windows and doors will make the vacant homes harder to enter and make it easier for police officers to see exactly what’s going on inside. <br /><br />Though SecureView’s product is an idea, the Fresno City Council would first have to approve it to mandate all property owners to use this instead of plywood. No word, Wednesday night, on when that might happen. </font></div>

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