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Fresno State Fans Stick with Football Team Through the End

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<p>Fresno State fans who couldn’t make it to Boise still went out in full force <br />to support the team on Saturday night. The sports bar Swiggs, located on Shaw <br />Avenue just down the street from Fresno State, was packed with students, alumni, <br />and fans from the community.</p><p>As the night went on, the excitement and anxiety continued to build. Though <br />the football team, who was hoping for a third straight championship, did not <br />take home a victory, many fans were still very proud of the Bulldogs.</p><p>Fourth-year Fresno State student Destani Walker went to Swiggs to watch the game <br />with a group of friends. She said she wished she could have been in Boise to <br />cheer in person.</p><p>&quot;I think I’ve gone to almost every home game. We went to Reno, me and my <br />roommate, went to reno for the last one,&quot; said Walker.</p><p>Fans like Andrew Pickrell said the game was still an accomplishment.</p><p>Pickrell said excitedly, &quot;It’s a unifying force not just for alumni and <br />people that are going to school now, but for the whole community!&quot;</p><p>Swiggs’ fanbase on Saturday was made up mostly of students and alumni. <br />Marketing director and Swiggs bartender Garrett McColl graduated from Fresno <br />State and said championship games like Saturday night’s are what brings the <br />community together.</p><p>McColl said, &quot;Fresno State’s got a great crowd base. I mean, college kids, <br />you got older parents, grandpas, grandmas.&quot;</p><p>McColl said business at the bar is always better when Fresno plays, win or <br />lose, he said it’s great for local business.</p><p>&quot;We’re still gonna love them, you know what I mean. I think they’re gonna put <br />up a good game!&quot; cheered McColl.</p><p>Fresno State fans dedicated to cheering all the way, to next year.</p></div>

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