Tuesday , June 25 2024

Golf Tips with Jim Perez from Bluff Pointe Golf Course

“Hi everybody, this is Jim Perez. I am going to bring you a golf tip on how to hit from hardpan. Hardpan ladies and gentlemen is hard. It’s not sitting on the grass. It’s sitting on dirt, and so you have a choice of what clubs to use, but I think that a hybrid club like this, something like this small faced and it has a little bit of a bowl right here. You’ll be able to scoop the ball out of there, and this is just a nine iron and depending on how far you have to go, it happens that on this hole, I have 220 yards to the fairway. I need to get it back in the fairway. So what you are going to do in this shot is you are going to play the ball. If the ball, normally you would hit it from the center of your body from the grass. You are going to move this a little bit further back. So just move it closer to your right foot, which is your back foot because I’m right handed. I’m going to choke down on the club a little bit so it doesn’t hit the ground first. I want to make sure that I catch the ball first, and on this shot it’s going to be an abbreviated follow through. This is going to be like a punch type shot. So I am going to hit this shot like this. So, here we go. I’m going to play it a little bit back. You can kind of get your feet in there just a little bit if you can like you would in the sand. So I am going to get ready to go, and just abbreviate that finish. That right there my friends was a good shot. Remember this, choke down a little bit. If you feel confident hitting the hybrid move it back a little bit. It’s probably one of the best inventions on the golf equipment that they’ve made. Helps you to hit that ball real easy off of this tight lie. So this is a tight lie. It’s hardpan. You can do this by choking down. Take an abbreviated swing like a punch shot, OK? So, stay with us. Thank you very much to Fresno Lexus for bringing this to you guys and we are going to bring some more really cool stuff for you. Thank you. 
If you would like to contact Jim for a lesson, visit his website at http://www.bluffpointegolf.com/golf-lessons/

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