Wednesday , June 19 2024

Golf Tips with Jim Perez

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Hi everybody, this is Jim Perez out at Bluff Pointe Golf Course. We’re going to show you a tip that’s brought to you by Fresno Lexus. What we’re going to teach you guys is how to hit a little bit of a draw or a hook. So what we’re going to do is, this is square. And I’m going to take one finger width, that little finger width will create this beautiful little draw. Two fingers, you’ll see a hook like you’ve never seen a ball turn left in your life. So, what we’re going to do… first one, nice and square, I’m going to show you down here with the alignment rod you’re going to see how square it is. I’m going to move it out to the golf ball. So that is square, I’m going to do one finger width, and I’m going to hit this ball and watch this ball hook. Nice, beautiful little draw, nothing too exciting. But it looked really good and it turned exactly how I wanted that ball. Why would I use a draw? A draw is when you have a flag stake that’s placed far left on a green. There might be a sand trap in front, or maybe a little bit of water. You start out to the right, aim out to the right, close the club face just like we did… one finger width… and that ball will start on your line and turn left right into a nice position back there where the flag is. Alright, now… we need to hook this. So we’re going to go two finger widths, we have to go around a lot of trees. This is going to feel weird, this is going to look weird to you down there. Look at how closed that looks, compared to a square line. This is a square line, you can clearly see it’s really close. But this is fun, because you can make this ball turn really really left. Look at that ball turn. Probably turned about 50 or 60 yards. It allows you to go around stuff. Thank you to Fresno Lexus for bringing this tip to you guys, and I hope I’m able to help you guys just get the ball around the course and score a little better. Thank you guys. <br /></div>

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