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Gustine School Board Against Mascot Bill

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Proposed legislation could force several valley schools to change their Redskin mascot.<br /><br />Four schools are affected, three in the Central Valley. <br /><br />Walking down the halls of 100 year old Gustine High School it’s not hard to see the schools pride in their history. That pride is part of the reason the school board opposes changing the name. <br /><br />&quot;The pride we have in the Redskin name and have had for years. The students that have graduate from the school and carry that pride with them and the cost,&quot; Pat Rocha a Gustine School Board Member said. <br /><br />The redskins have been Gustine High’s mascot for 80 years. The school estimates it would cost tens of thousands of dollars to change the name on sports uniforms alone.<br /><br />Chowchilla Union High also has the Redskin mascot. <br /><br />&quot;It’s something you always look forward to, as a kid, you want to be a Chowchilla Redskin,&quot; Ammari Gaines, a Senior at Chowchilla High said. <br /><br />Yaynicut Franco finds the name Redskin offensive. She’s a Native American from the Wokchumni Tribe in Visalia. <br /><br />&quot;It’s a term used for the bounty of dead Native Americans, entire families were slaughtered and it goes hand in hand with the genocide Native Americans faced,&quot; Franco said. <br /><br />In Gustine, administrators plan on meeting with the three other schools in the Valley affected by the proposed legislation. <br /><br />&quot;Don’t we have the water crisis and high speed rail we are implementing. It just seems this is wrong footed. It should be handled locally,&quot; Superintendent Ronald Estes said. <br /><br />The Mascot Bill is in committee phase and under review. It has not yet been approved for a vote by California legislators. <br /><br /></div>

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