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How To Prevent Heat Related Illnesses

Cooling stations are full of people and set up all across town. Some, are fortunate enough to work inside during the day while others are not quite as luckily.

Whether you’re a fire fighter or work in construction, even these triple digits are hard to bare.

"After they came down from the roof, our fire fighter was monitored by the ambulance on scene and as a precaution they were sent to the hospital", says Public Information Officer for the Fresno Fire Department Pete Martinez.

Construction crews working in the south east end of town start work at 6 am to avoid the heat of the day. Supervisor Jose Sandoval makes sure the crews are always hydrated and energized.

Sandoval says he encourages his works, "to drink a lot of water and to have their breaks at their time, because it’s really important for them".

"Try to get down every half hour, drink some water, take some shade if we feel sick and just be careful", says construction worker Junior Jaurez.

For those that spend a lot of time outside, health department officials have some advice for you, drink of plenty of water, avoid alcohol or caffeine, go inside or in the shade when possible, wear light colored clothing and have a plan.

David Luchini the Assistant Director for the Department of Public Health says, "you need to have a backup plan, what happens if your air conditioning goes out or the power goes out and you don’t have any fans, you need to make sure you know where you’re going to go".


How do you know if you or someone near you is suffering from heat exhaustion, you’ll see sweating, muscle cramps, weakness or dizziness. heat stroke is more severe and causes confusion, a rapid pulse, nausea and headaches.

Luchini also says that the elderly and children are more susceptible to suffering from a heat related illness. He says, "consider your neighbors, see who is vulnerable and check up on them".

For more information on cooling stations throughout town;


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