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In California, Quest For Clean Drinking Water Often Delayed By Paperwork

Drive through the pomegranate and pistachio orchards between highways 41 and 99 and you may stumble upon Valley Teen Ranch , a cluster of residential homes where juvenile offenders come to be rehabilitated. Today, a few men are in their living room playing a basketball video game and making small talk with Connie Clendenan, the ranch’s CEO. “I’m for the Warriors, don’t we have them?” asks Clendenan. “I’m from Oakland, so yeah,” one of the men laughs. In an ideal world, Clendenan would spend most of her time working directly with the 30 or so men who live here. “They need a lot of kindness, patience, grace, and a healthy relationship,” Clendenan says, “in order to be able to make some changes in their life.” But instead, she spends a lot of time worrying about water. Since 2008, Valley Teen Ranch’s water system has been out of compliance with state code because of arsenic contamination. She and a staff member show me 14 huge water bottles stacked up against the wall—the kind you place

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